New Video Course: 3 days

Quick Spanish RESET. A fresh start in just 3 days. You can use only 18 minutes of your job's break!

You have been thinking about learing Spanish every week for over a decade. You're sharing your new year's resolution about Spanish on every social media channel anyone might possibly be using. You've even purchased a Spanish textbook that smells fantastically new. 

But you are still confused on how to start.  

Fortunately, there's one SYSTEM that works : The Spanish In Seconds Hacks. As a learner, you're in the perfect spot to build a Spanish speaker muscle using this proven system!

My new video course is designed to REFRESEH or JUMPSTART YOUR SPANISH. Read on below for a look at what I'll teach you.

Course date: March 6, 7 and 8 

Yes. You will be able to study on your own time.  

The course will be yours forever. 

Here's what I'll be teaching...


Spanish in Seconds Hacks.

With a strong system for you to develop you comitment to study fo 18 minutes and the specific lessons for conversational Spanish, you won't need to constantly be overwhelmed with vocabulary or grammar rules. Instead, you'll just need to show up for your lesson (on your own time) and follow the SPANISH IN SECONDS HACKS! Let ME do the work for you. I do the dirty job, you do the learning and speaking. In this way, you will get the most of your Spanish time with these Hacks. 


How I structure sentences in Spanish

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain of my own SHORTCUTS to formulate sentences. You will learn how to post sentences in your social media channels; how to understand and speak Spanish formulating sentences for -conversational Spanish-. 

Spanish can be two way street with the same structure: SENTENCE or QUESTION. I'll show you how I moved beyond passive English student to social English speaker to finally be confident on Speaking a second language.


How to conjugate verbs  

This goes way beyond memorizing a bunch of verbs and then try to figure out how to conjugate them. In this lesson I will show you how to easily remember the conjugations even in the middle of a video recording.  


Building In-Person Spanish conversations 

Nervous about Speaking Spanish for the first time? Here's the truth: we all feel weird about this—until you learn a few important tricks.


Setting SPANISH IN SECONDS HACKS in your life  

How do you know whether you're on the right track with your Spanish learning or you need to keep tweaking your approach? In this final lesson I'll show you how to assess your progress and keep moving forward. 


Please do! You're in luck! 

Launching price: $97.99  

Pre-launch price: $47.99 (for a limited time)  

You want to have a BREAKTHROUGH on your SPANISH JOURNEY, but you don't know how. 

If you've learned already a bunch of Spanish lessons, tips and tricks over the years, but still can't SPEAK or UNDERSTAND Spanish as good as you would like to. Or you haven't started learning Spanish but you have no idea which format, book or technique would be the right one for you. 

Let’s see: 

You are there in your favorite coffee shop, starting a new SPANISH textbook or audio course for the 5th time, and trying every tip you might know about memorizing. But nothing is working.  

You know you should be SPEAKING SPANISH because you learned it for 3+ years already in HIGH SCHOOL, but you just CAN'T SAY a comment in Spanish even though you know how to structure your sentences. You feel like you are just an audience during a Spanish chat, not a participant…  

Sometimes you can start a SPANISH CONVERSATION, but you can't keep up with it. Either way, it doesn't sound like you are a Spanish pro and that stop you from speaking Spanish. 

And what's worse, the moment you start to craft the Spanish chat with your friends or coworkers, you pronounce a specific word that you think it sounds awkward or odd and you feel that the conversation falls apart and your confidence is broken.  

All you want to do is to apply all the Spanish lessons you have learned through the years and have a decent conversation with your coworkers, friends or customers at any time. 

So, full of frustration you start to wonder if SPEAKING SPANISH is more than just the grammar rules you've learned, it might be about how much more you study Spanish. 

Then you start shopping around for a new fancy language course podcast. 

But of course, that never seems to help, you spent money just to realize that you already know the content. Or if the course is totally new information for you, you have no idea on how to apply it on your daily life.  

The lack of direct help from a Spanish coach to personalize your learning, only leaves you feeling more frustrated and desperate. "Maybe I'm too old to learn Spanish," you think, “Maybe I simply don’t have the Spanish language gene; actually I can’t travel to the country”.  

Can you identify with any of these statements? 

• I have been learning Spanish all my life but when I speak it people can’t understand me. • I can’t seem to digest and embrace the Spanish like the pros. • I don't want to start learning Spanish because I don't want to get stuck. • I haven’t found the right technique for me to learn Spanish. • I hate to be lost during my Spanish speakers' conversations but Spanish is too hard for me.

  Spanish has the same grammar structure and vocabulary from centuries ago… Spanish rules and grammar are not NEW and they won’t change. What is new, is the approach you might have to it, and the SYSTEM you implement to learn it.  

The issue that stops your journey on speaking Spanish is the lack of a SYSTEM to make sure you learn something and you apply it right away.  

Think about this:  

You want to learn how to cook. But, 

1. You haven’t been in a kitchen ever. 2. You have no idea what a stove looks like. 3. You don’t know what a pot or casserole is. 

Then, I try to teach you how to cook by talking to you about the recipe.  

Would you learn to cook? Of course no.  

That’s why is VERY important to start learning Spanish with the right SEQUENCE. It would be very helpful or crucial, to take you to the kitchen and let you see and touch every single utensil we might use on cooking, then, YOU will be IN the kitchen following the steps of the recipe WITH me NEXT TO YOU.  

Now, this last scenario makes sense, right? Here is another COMMON MISTAKE most people do:  

Let’s say you want to cook by following the recipe, but instead of you starting with step number one (grab a pot and put in on the stove), you start with step number 4 (add 1 tablespoon of salt). This is not common sense, but sometimes as we learn Spanish, we make this common mistake. We start learning verb TO BE, being this lesson step number 4 from the recipe and so on.

So, let's make sure that COMMON SENSE IS APPLIED AS A COMMON PRACTICE AS WELL. I found out this –not visible- issue when I was trying to learn English. But when I realized that the SEQUENCE of my LEARNING was the problem, I solved it; and to do this I create a SYSTEM that worked and is working for my Spanish students. So it's my duty, my responsibility, and my honor to let you know that SEQUENCE of you Spanish journey IS CRUCIAL.  

Here is a peek into my COURSE: ONE OF THE MAIN pillars of my SYSTEM is accountability. Don’t go on your journey by yourself, I’m here for you, and not only me, you will meet a bunch of persons that want to speak Spanish and get better on their writting and listening skills. 

Ok, I will share with you one more pillar of my SYSTEM: My SPANISH IN SECONDS HACKS ends with the 5th pillar where you MUST USE the Spanish you JUST LEARNED on pillar number 2. All of this within the 18-30 daily minutes I suggest you use for your SPANISH learning. 

Do you want to KNOW and APPLY my SPANISH IN SECONDS HACKS? Go ahead and join me on this 3 days video course: QUICK SPANISH RESET where I will teach you: 

1. How to make sure that you are learning SPANISH with the RIGHT SEQUENCE. 2. How to APPLY the SPANISH IN SECONDS HACKS as a WHOLE SYSTEM. (Using only 18 – 30 minutes per day). 3. How to show up for SPEAKING SPANISH as a lifestyle 5 days per week by just applying the hacks. 4. And much more